Sleep, drugs & poo transplants


A few weeks ago I sent nail clippings to one of mum’s friends who is a naturopath. She analysed my nails and last Friday, I received her findings and recommendations. I must admit I find all these alternative therapies fascinating: how you can find out so much from hair or nails is unbelievable. It was good to see that much of what she found correlated with what my Doctor has been telling me but also sad that after six months so much is still wrong with my body.

Now, if you’re squeamish, I feel I need to provide you with a warning for this next part! One of the findings was that my colon is: “not right at all.” Great. I have an overgrowth of the wrong bugs and bacteria which is known to be a trigger for auto-immune issues. The recommendation for this is a faecal transplant. Yes. A poo transplant. I’ll let you take a minute to digest that!…….

Dad and I Googled straight away because that’s what we do these days right?! We then discovered that patients go through a colonic type procedure and they then take a stool sample from preferably a family member, and transplant that to you so that you are replenished with a healthier sample. OH MY GOOD GOD! WHO THOUGHT OF THIS??!! NO WAY IS THIS EVER HAPPENING TO ME! But as you can see from some of the Google images that come up when you search ‘faecal transplant’ the people look oddly thrilled about the situation….you can even DIY at home….good lord!

The poo emoji was then used in several texts that I sent to friends, using the story as yet another insight of the hilarity that my life has now become! However, as for finding my own sunshine, a very close friend spontaneously popped in that evening who I hadn’t yet told my daily story to.  With my family all around, we quite cruelly led her down the garden path and once the story had been told, asked her if she would be willing to be my poo donor! Without even a second’s doubt she said yes! And she was serious because she would do anything to help me get better – that everyone, is what you call a good ‘un! Of course we then shared that we were joking and that I would never ask her to do something like that but my goodness, what a little treasure she is!

poo 4

We decided that at my doctor’s appointment on Monday, I should take the list of recommendations from the naturopath and discuss with the Doctor which suggestions she thought were worth giving a go. I know it’s cynical but some doctors are known to ( excuse the pun) poo poo alternative therapies. However, once again, my brilliant GP said to give it all a go, order all the suggested herbs and medicines because, they can’t hurt to try plus she agreed that the analysis was very thorough. I then broached the poo issue: “I think I know what you’ll say but what about the faecal transplant?!” And, being dead pan, she said that actually it really is proven to help. They don’t transplant the actual stool sample, they harvest from a healthy sample the good bacteria that my body is lacking and transplant that! Phew – now it sounded much better than what we had all imagined in our heads. So ladies and gentlemen, I haven’t decided yet but I am giving it some serious thought! This is what my life is as I approach my thirties – sleep, drugs and poo transplants!

In other news, I saw a quote earlier this week that really resonated with me.

living with chronic pain

It goes back to ‘it’s okay not to be okay’ but in reality, when in social situations it’s harder to be honest than we may think. However, this can be to our detriment because it then gives people a false sense of what’s really going on. When I see my friends, I want to enjoy that time, I don’t want to express the pain I’m in and constantly talk about what’s going on. Not only would it become boring for them but I fear that I then could quite quickly become depressed. I have to put on a happy demeanour for the majority of the time because it helps me cope with my life as it is at the moment.

There have been times recently where I have been made to doubt myself, that I’ve not been there for friends since becoming ill. I feel like I’m living in a world where I’m overwhelmed with dealing with what’s going on with me but I thought that had made me even more conscious to make an effort with the people I love. Thankfully, I have been reassured that I haven’t changed (apart from the obvious!) and that I have managed to maintain the friendships with the people who love and accept me for the person I am regardless of my current limitations.

Sadly, it just seems that with hidden illness comes the reliance that people around you will take time to find out about what you are going through and trust that what you tell them about how you feel, they believe. I simply don’t have the energy to deal with negativity,: it’s draining and makes my symptoms so much worse.

I can only imagine how hard it is for others. As much as I get frustrated, I am well aware that I must frustrate people too; trying to spend time with someone who can’t be in a noisy, brightly lit environment must get annoying but also having plans that have to be altered or cancelled because I simply don’t have the ‘spoons’ must be hard too.

Time is precious to every single person on this planet: people are busy with their own lives and their own problems. I’d just like to say once again how appreciative I am to my nearest and dearest for bearing with me and helping me through each day. Your understanding and time is never taken for granted.

poo 3

Until next time…

Hairless Hannah



7 thoughts on “Sleep, drugs & poo transplants

  1. Hi Hannah, I am suffering from Crohns which is also autoimmune. I have heard of the fecal transplants. I’m living in the US at the moment and everything here is run by drug companies (who I think to a point don’t want people to fully recover) anyhow, keep us posted! Its something I’m keeping my eye on for the future. After all, they say our health is in the gut!


      • It’s something that I have really only just discovered in the last few months. I got diagnosed with crohns 10 years ago and had been pretty much in remission until last year. A few rounds of antibiotics, a boat load of stress and a terrible pescription from a Dr for another issue set me off. I am def more on the milder side of crohns compared to what I read online however I have now become so aware of how fragile remission can be. I know there are some more trials going on for people with crohns so I’m keeping my eye on it. I dream of being med free! I am on a short course of steroids along with another anti inflammatory. I feel that if someone shook me I would rattle. Lol. I am very open to more natural approach and am now exploring complimentary approaches to get back to remission. Have you tried anything like acupuncture? I am looking at trying it out!


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