Guest post from Dad

It may may be at the eleventh hour on the last day of alopecia awareness month BUT dads emailed me over his blog. After what a has been such a special, fun evening, I didn’t expect to be crying just before bed….have a read and you’ll see what I mean.



“I want to cut the rest of my hair off – will you do it?” This is not a question I ever thought I would be asked – or have to answer. But this was not a spur of the moment question, it had been thought about for a long time and, as Hannah has done so many times over the last year, she was making the best of a very bad job. She had investigated the Little Princess Trust and found out that her hair could be used for the benefit of those less fortunate than herself. Remarkable.

So, after employing delaying tactics by asking if she’d prefer me to ask the local barber, there we were, in the kitchen, with scissors, a beard trimmer and an electric razor – and a ruler as we had to make sure that the hair we cut was at least 17cm long!

Making the first cut was heart breaking, just knowing what Hannah’s hair meant to her and not knowing what the final result would look like. I know it was hard for me, so goodness knows what it was like for Hannah – hearing the scissors and seeing great clumps of hair coming off. And then for that to be followed with a beard trimmer to get the remaining hair short enough to finish with an electric razor. It probably only took 15 minutes but it must have felt like hours.

We all meant it when we said that she has a lovely shaped head – but how little that could help. Even now, 9 months later, we are used to seeing Hannah without hair – she puts a very brave face on, but we know how much she suffers each time she look in the mirror.

When your children are little and suffer illnesses every parent wishes they could be in their place to take the pain for them. That feeling doesn’t lessen as they grow older – if I could lose my hair ( and there’s less of it by the month!) for hers to grow back, I would gladly do it.

They say what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. I’m sure Hannah doesn’t see it like that at the moment, but she will get better and she will be stronger for the experience. What she has done to raise awareness about alopecia whilst being far from fighting fit herself, has been incredible and is just one indication of her inner strength, and me and we, her family, could not be more proud of this remarkable young lady.

All my love, Dad X



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