Tasty Tuesday #2: Fortune Cookies

This coming Saturday it’s Chinese New Year, so I thought I would set a challenge for Dad and I to try to make some fortune cookies! Everyone loves a Chinese whether it’s homemade or a cheeky take away, but these happy little cookies are something we rarely eat or bake so I thought – why not?!

What you will need/Ingredients:

  • 100g plain flour
  • 1.5 tbsp cornflour
  • 50g caster sugar
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 3 tbsp vegetable oil
  • 3 egg whites
  • 1 tsp water
  • 1.5 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp almond extract
  • baking tray
  • silicone mat
  • mixing bowl and wooden spoon
  • sieve
  • spatula
  • dessertspoon
  • cup or glass
  • cupcake tray


1. Preheat your oven to 170 degrees and line a baking try with a silicone mat ready for later.

2. Make sure you have written or printed out some fortunes on paper about 6cm x 1cm ready to pop inside the cookies later.


3. Get the flour and cornflour and sift it into a large mixing bowl before you add in the sugar, salt and then mix it well using a wooden spoon.

4. Now add into the bowl the oil, egg whites, water, vanilla and almond extract and mix in gently with the spoon until the mixture goes from lumpy to smooth.

5. Get your baking tray and dollop on about a tablespoon of the mixture before using the back of a dessertspoon to spread out the mixture into about 10cm circles. **make sure you leave space between each cookie as they will spread a little in the oven**  (You will also note that to start with we used greaseproof paper as we didn’t realise we had a silicone mat – which did work better!)

6. You will get about 3-4 cookies per tray, don’t try to do more as it will make the latter stages much harder – we found that doing two at a time was best.

7. Pop the tray into the oven and bake for between 10-12 minutes until the outer edges of each cookie turn golden brown in colour. They should be easy to remove with a spatula when they are ready.


8. Take the tray out of the oven and quickly, while the cookie is still soft and pliable, pop a fortune in the centre and then fold it in half. Pinch the semi circular edges together. (watching a YouTube video to show you this process may help visualise what you need to do but also read the disclaimer below before as well!)

9. Place the folded edge of the cookie onto the rim of your cup or glass and gently pull the two corners down (one on the inside on the cup and the other on the outside) to form the classic fortune cookie shape.

10. Remove from the rim of the cup and place inside a cupcake tray so they hold their shape as they cool.

11. Now repeat with your following mixture!


Disclosure time!! This blog is all about being open and honest so I feel like these Tasty Tuesday blogs should be no different! Why is it that the simplest of recipes always turns out to be the most complicated and that YouTube videos always make it look so much easier than it is?! Eventually, after LOTS of trial and errors (see try number three below!), we (Dad!) managed to make the 6 fortune cookies you see above! You really do need asbestos hands to be able to quickly fold and mould the cookies once they’re out of the oven – the lady we found on YouTube was insane, so if you manage to work out a better way – please let us know! I did suggest wrapping tin foil around our finger tips at one point which for some unknown reason Dad found hilarious!


We also worked out that the cookies baking in a 170 degree fan oven became to crispy and therefore snapped when we bent them and the 10cm circles were too big and too thick! Therefore, we reduced the size of the circles and the amount of the mixture used and only put them in the oven for six and a half minutes and that seemed to work much better!

What I can say truthfuly, is that they tasted delicious in the true shape or not and I really mean that, so as a fun yet time-consuming activity, when you get it right it’s really worth it!

I hope some of you will be inspired by this post (!) and will have a go. If you’re planning on making or ordering a Chinese to celebrate the New Year, why not make some of these to share with your friends and family as a fun little extra!


Share any photos if you decide to have a go!

Happy Tuesday!



14 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday #2: Fortune Cookies

    • Haha I don’t blame you! We really liked them, I guess anything homemade always tastes good! I’ve got a few more recipes coming up that are much better and you’ll keep the skin on your fingers haha!


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