January Favourites

How on earth have we reached the end of January already? But that does mean it is time to share with you my January favourites!

Food & Drink

This month I have got quite an eclectic range of things I’ve been enjoying! I have rediscovered my love for Werther’s Originals! I used to have them as a treat when I visited Grandma and Grandad but when I spotted them the other week I thought I’d treat myself. They really are such a lovely change from my usual Polos!

Then I’ve been loving pears this month – they are obviously in season and have been so juicy and lovely, not one duff one yet!

Then beverage wise, I don’t drink hot drinks and usually just have loads of water. I’ve cut out Ribena as it’s so high in sugar, but I do love sparkling water and discovering that adding Elderflower cordial to it has been a revelation! It’s just nice for a refreshing change.



I feel like I covered most of my favourites in my ‘Chill Out Tuesday’ blog but something I didn’t mention was a deep cleansing ‘Black Mask.’ It’s a peel off mask which you leave on for 20-30 minutes and it increases vitality and removes impurities. I have to say it is quite painful to remove so you have to take it off quickly like you would a plaster! I have noticed that my skin has been smoother and clearer since using it so would recommend a try.




I have got two apps to tell you about this month. First off is an app called ‘One Second a Day.’ The idea is that every day you should be able to find something good and capture it with a video clip which you can edit down to one second. You can use photos but personally I don’t think it works as well as the video clips. Then, by the end of the year you have just over six minutes of video that documents your year. I love this kind of thing and although there are days where you forget, you can always record a second at the end of the day saying something you’ve done! It won’t be for everyone but I am really enjoying it.

The second app is called ‘Headspace.’ It’s an app that encourages taking time each day to meditate and take time to breathe and focus on yourself. You get a ten day free trial and then of course you pay if you want to continue however, I have found that the free guided sessions are good enough for me right now. It’s important to take time out for yourself and this reminds you to do it daily – what is ten minutes out of a day?




Having moved back in with mum and dad into the loft conversion, I have found that my space had become more and more cluttered. It’s not surprising due to combining my life pre and post Dubai has all been crammed into one room (and the garage and living room – thanks ma and pa!) On good days I have spent time having a clear out but my wardrobes have been driving me insane. I am quite OCD and whenever I opened them up I could feel myself cringing! I wish I’d taken before photos but below are my newly organised, beautiful wardrobes! IKEA has done me proud with hanging wardrobe organisers and shoe boxes. I found that they fit much more than I expected and the shoe boxes were able to hold 3 pairs of sandals/flip flops or two pairs of trainers/heels.  You can also see I found the perfect place to store my big hats – on my wig heads!!

Then I have been obsessed with my two planners! One was bought for me by a friend – my blogging journal which I use to jot down blog ideas. It has space to write down blogging goals, your action plans and then space to plan your posts with little to do lists. It has really helped me feel more organised when it comes to my blog and I’d highly recommend it for anyone who’s considering starting up. It’s from Paperchase and is still available from what I can see.

Then there is my Erin Condren Life Planner! This is something that I enjoy because it allows me to express my creative side as well as plan out my life! It’s a day to day planner with a weekly spread and you can include stickers to add in to do lists, reminders or just to make it pretty! I chose to personalise mine, there are so many options to chose from in order to personalise your planner – it’s brilliant for any stationary lover. Again, it’s really helping me with my blogging schedule and with all my doctors/hospital appointments. I ordered it way back last year when I had money but I will be saving to get one next year too – they are only available from America now but you can buy cheaper planner stickers on Etsy and in shops like Hobbycraft so that does lower the cost.


So there you have it, my January faves – what have yours been?

Happy weekend everyone!



66 thoughts on “January Favourites

  1. It made me smile to see Werther’s candies on this list – I like them too! You’ve got to find and try the chewy caramel ones; they’re heavenly! Glad you were able to get better organized too! I know when I have too much clutter around, I get so frazzled mentally – it’s like I can’t think anymore until I get everything straightened out.

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  2. I love Wurthers so much, they were like the only thing I ate during my first trimester. I have been thinking of getting a black mask, I’ve heard wonders about them. I need to be more OCD in my house, my hubbies stuff is everywhere and we moved 6 months ago. And I need that bloggers planner so much!

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    • I was the same with the black mask, I was convinced it must be a faze that everyone was trying it. Granted it doesn’t work or didn’t work for me like the adverts but it has done wonders for my skin.
      Get your hubby to get clearing his stuff up or take you to IKEA haha!


  3. I haven’t had Wethers candy in a wild but they are delicious. Such a nice silky taste. I know if I bought a package they would be gone far too soon. I haven’t grabbed a pear lately. That sounds good. I wasnt really aware of when they were in season. Im not familiar with those two apps. Lol, I remember moving in with my parents after I got out of the military and size accommodations was a lovely challenge.

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  4. Elizabeth O. says:

    I agree, January came by fast! It was a lovely month altogether. I like that app about meditation, it seems awesome. I have two planners as well, for work and for personal use.

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  5. I love how you are sharing your experiences. As for decluterring- that reminds me that I need to declutter my phone of all those apps that I don’t use.
    Masking is a way of relaxation for me and I don’t do it often enough. Will have to try that black mask.

    Liked by 1 person

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