The Liebster Award!

I have to admit, when I was contacted by the wonderful Vivacious Views blogger Brittany to say she’d like to nominate me for the award, I didn’t really know what it was! In comes Google! It’s an award that has been created for bloggers to nominate up and coming bloggers to help them on their way or nominate bloggers that you simply love – how great is that?!

Brittany’s blog is called and she blogs about travelling which is what drew me to her blog in the first place. Her posts are always easy to read, helpful and informative and her photos are fab! I’d really encourage you to go check her out.

By accepting this award, it means my blog will get shared around a little more and in return I now get the pleasure of making my own nominations of bloggers that I’m loving at the moment.

These are the basic rules of accepting the Liebster Award:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to their site on your blog.
  2. Display the award on your blog.
  3. Answer 10 questions about yourself, which will be provided to you by the person who nominated you.
  4. Nominate 4-10 other bloggers for the award and notify them via Social Media.
  5. Create a new list of questions for your nominees to answer.
  6. List these rules in your post.
  7. Feel amazing that your blog has won a new award and pass it on!


Here are the questions I received from Brittany along with my answers!

Why did you start your blog? 

I started my blog after a close friend suggested it as a way to express my feelings about the situation I was going through. I had recently lost my hair to alopecia and had been very ill but as a teacher I have always enjoyed writing so it seemed like a great idea and I have to say, it has been my saviour.
What is your favourite part about blogging?

It’s therapeutic. Although I am branching out with my posts, I love the more personal blogs I write; I forget about who or how many people may read it and am just honest. It gets a lot off my chest and it makes me feel lighter.
What is your favourite Social Media to use while blogging? Why?

Using social media to promote my blog is still very new to me. Promoting myself feels odd but I am getting used to it! I do love Instagram and Canva is my new favourite app to design my blog post adverts!
What is your favorite unnecessary/luxury item to pack?

I have to say I am quite a sensible packer, I did always pack my straighteners which I obviously don’t need now haha but I guess I do like to pack lots of shoes, most of which I never end up wearing!
Are you a minimalist packer or do you over-pack?

I’d say I’m in between! Since living abroad and travelling a lot, I have learnt to streamline my packing but I always manage to over pack most of the time.
What is the best travel tip you’ve learned so far?

Pack a three plug extension lead and plug-in your adaptors ready to go and wind it up. Then if you only have access to one plug where you’re staying, you can still charge multiple items at once or charge and use a hairdryer! Score!
Where is your favorite place to travel?

That’s such a hard one -I’d have to say home though. No matter where I’ve been in the world and no matter how much I love a place, there is no feeling like landing in London on home soil and knowing that my family and friends will be waiting. I love that feeling more than anything.
What is the most delicious thing you’ve tasted while traveling?

The food we cooked on our Thai cookery course in Chiang Mai – I’ve written a whole blog on it so go check it out!
If you could travel anywhere in the world, money was no object, where would you go?

Ooooo, if money was no object I’d buy a round the world ticket! Cheeky answer but that’s what I’d do! I’d love to go back to Oz and visit New Zealand, but then I’d love to do Bali, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Africa, Greece…honestly, my bucket list is endless!
Where will you be going on your next adventure?

Who knows. I don’t know when that will be possible so in the meantime I will just dream about it!

Liebster 3.jpg

Now I get to give you my nominees! This is such a lovely way to make link with fellow bloggers and get to know the community but please support them too, follow their blogs and social media sites, it would make their day!

  1. Spoonie Sophia. Sophie is a true inspiration, she is a food, health and lifestyle blogger who is also battling a chronic illness. She’s recently documented her journey to America for her Lyme disease treatment – these blogs/vlogs are so honestly written and documented – I just think she is incredible and such an inspiration for fellow spoonies and for families and friends of people who have a chronic illness. Please go and read her blog at
  2. Divya at Eat Teach Blog. Divya is a teacher and blogger – two things that I love and am interested in. However, she also blogs about food, fitness and life in general. It’s a colourful, interesting and honest blog that makes me smile and I think it would make you smile too. Find her blog at
  3. Daniella at A Sprinkle of Joy. A fab blog about baking, being a mum and DIY projects. Her chocolate banana muffins look to die for and that’s just one of her scrummy posts! Find her wonderful, happy blog at
  4. Alissa at Not ok, That’s ok. Alissa is a personal development coach who writes the most incredible blogs about various issues that you may face in life e.g the reality of panic attacks, how to step out of your comfort zone etc. She comes across as such a helpful, bubbly woman who’s life goal is to coach others to live more balanced and fulfilling lives. Find her at


My questions for my nominees to answer are:

  1. What made you decide to start a blog?
  2. What is the hardest part about blogging for you?
  3. Where would you like your blog to be in a years time?
  4. What’s the one thing that makes you happiest?
  5. What’s your favourite place to visit?
  6. Who has been the biggest influence in your life?
  7. If you won a million pounds, what would you do with it?
  8. What’s your favourite quote and why?
  9. If you could invite 5 celebrities to dinner, who would they be?
  10. What piece of advice would you give to a new blogger?


And there you go – pay it forward, pass the nominations on and let’s get new and existing bloggers out there and getting noticed by a wider audience. It’s a tough thing to do, writing a blog is the easy part but we actually want people to read it and that can only happen with the help of fellow bloggers, friends, family and social media.

So thank you Brittany, you made my day!




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