My top 10 Valentines films

I love watching a good film, and maybe it’s because I’m a single gal but nothing makes me happier than to watch a well made romance film to fill me with hope. It is inevitable that tears will flow and that realisation will whack me around the face like a wet fish that this is the land of make-believe but you know what – a girl can dream so leave me alone!

I haven’t ranked these films, I love them all equally – well, maybe some more than others – and there are many more that I haven’t listed in my top 10, they just missed out like being picked for the team in PE lessons at school – soz about that! However, I won’t leave them on the bench completely and will list them at the end, see I’m a nice single girl, not a mean girl in the slightest!

(imagine Top of The Pops music playing now)

In at number 10 we have Bridget Jones’s Diary. To be fair, all 3 Bridget films should be here – especially the new one, simply because it’s hilarious! I have many similarities to dear old Brig, not just that I share her birthday but I also write a diary, I slam my weight, I’m unlucky in love and have crazy friends! But this film gives me hope that along with my granny pants I will eventually meet my very own Mr Darcy and not live happily ever after like in the films, but live a normal life with him loving me for who I am. Heaven.

Onto number 9 where we have the classic that is Ghost. Yes it is unrealistic, yes it is cheesy beyond words, yes it make me bulb like a baby every single time BUT it also demonstrates how strong love can be and how it continues even after death when you have that true bond with someone. Whoopi Goldberg makes this film for me, you need that hit of humour amongst all the grief and anger and let’s be honest, my main reason for loving this film is the Swayze. Swoon. No wonder the somewhat rude pottery scene is so infamous – but who wouldn’t want him coming along to help you in that situation?!

Next we have my number 8, Dirty Dancing. Lucky ol’ Patrick gets two films in my top 10 romantic films. Anyone that knows me, knows how much I adore a dance film so dance + Swayze + romance = the perfect loved up film for me. It bears a slight resemblance to an updated Romeo and Juliet – Baby and Johnny from different backgrounds, parents who don’t think he is good enough for their little girl…but luckily instead of loads of deaths and a tragic ending, we can revel in many mega dance routines and end with Baby being removed from that corner and being thrown around a dance floor like nobodies business. How lucky is she?! He loves her, they are at Summer camp and I believe they lived out a truly happy life after the credits rolled.

Number 7 introduces another love of my life – Channing Tatum in Dear John. Magic Mike didn’t seem quite romantic enough somehow so I just had to settle for this one instead! This is a film that is more likely not to have been seen by many of you so I won’t say much. It involves, war, autism, letters, dreams, love and heartbreak – go watch it!

Finally at number 6 I have my first comedy – Bridesmaids. It is just brilliant, the first time I saw it I belly laughed at so many parts and still do now. The comedic genius by the eclectic cast is spot on, the emphasis is shone on the love of girlfriends to get you through relationships, especially in the lead up to a wedding. I love it, you’ll love it, if you haven’t seen it, go now, don’t even finish reading the blog…this’ll be here later for you to continue!

Next is a Christmassy number 5 but I’ve thrown it in anyway because although set at Christmas, it is ALL about love. Yes, it’s Love Actually. I adore the start of the film in the airport, I guess because I’ve now experienced an ex-pat life so get the whole sadness of leaving and the sheer joy of returning home to loved ones. No matter what’s going on in the world, airport arrival lounges show you that love is all around. It’s my ultimate place to people watch, it always brings a tear to my eye because I know what it means to be reunited with people after a long period of time. This film combines love in almost every situation imaginable with comedy, heartbreak, hope and Hugh Grant so you know it’s going to be a romantic film winner.

Number 4 is Notting Hill, I figured I’d stick with Hugh for a while. I love the quintessential Britishness of this film plus it has my favourite actress ever, Julia Roberts. The Welsh comedy brought by Rhys Ifans sets it off for me, he brings tears of laughter every time. Romance and love can and often do happen in the least likely circumstances when you are least expecting it and this film highlights that and I love it.

Julia enters my chart again at number 3 with My Best Friends Wedding. This is my go to happy loved up film (along with Eat Pray Love which I idolise and have watched far too many times – actually, why isn’t it in my top 10?! I’m kind of including it here in this super long bracketed sentence because it is am amazing film. Woman splits from relationship, gives up everything to travel round the would to eat in Italy, Pray in India, Bali,  and find love along the way – this film is my everything.) …I feel I should start that sentence again….My Best Friends Wedding is my go to happy loved up film. So many of us have promised that if we don’t find love we will marry our best friends and that’s the basis of this film, although Jules actually realises she loves her best friend but it’s too late because he’s now set to get married – let chaos, hilarity and Cameron Diaz ensue. The soundtrack is immense and leaves me with a happy feeling in my stomach unlike any of the other films on my list.

In at number 2 is the epic film with my teenage crush of all crushes, Titanic. Leo swept into my life and in some ways was my first love. He danced, he drew, he looked hot in a tux, he had great comebacks and he loved Kate no matter that she was from a unreachably different background. Again, this film does end tragically but you kind of know that from the title. But again, it teaches us that no matter how short-lived a romance can be, it can still be the love of your life and leave you with memories and emotions that transcend death. I am one of those losers that sees Kate and Leo together now at awards ceremonies and my heart does a little flip because it’s like Jack and Rose have been reunited – I love it and I love the movie.

And finally, although there is no order here, this film is the only exception because it is my number 1 romance film. It is the ultimate love classic, The Notebook. There are no words really, it just epitomises love and relationships – the ups, the downs, the splits, the arguments but ultimately the bond that keeps you together, the passion and the love that builds the strongest marriage. Again, I won’t ruin it for those of you who haven’t seen it but if you haven’t, WHY?? There are no excuses, so don’t talk to me again until you have been and watched! You’ll cry, laugh and end the film hoping you are lucky enough to find love like that.

So there you have it, my top 10 and now here is a list of those that didn’t make the 10 but are blinking good follow ups so watch them too!


A Walk To Remember, Pretty Woman, Sleepless in Seattle, 10 Things I Hate About You, Four Weddings and a Funeral, West Side Story, PS I Love You, While You Were Sleeping, The Holiday, The Bodyguard, 27 Dresses and Beauty and The Beast.

Let me know what you’re favourite romantic films are and any recommendations – I love new films to watch and rate!

See you tomorrow on the actual love day of the year!



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