Pom Pom Painting

Well aren’t you lucky?! Two crafty activities in one week – I guess I’ve been feeling like exercising my teaching juices and actually really enjoyed it so I hope you do too! This one is really aimed at a younger audience but I actually found it was a relaxing activity for me so if you need a mindful time out that doesn’t cost much or take too long, this is perfect for you.

What you will need:

  • Two A3 sheets of paper (in different colours)
  • a pencil
  • a black felt tip
  • paintbrush
  • scissors
  • masking tape
  • variety of paint
  • different sized pom poms
  • pegs
  • something to cover your surface with i.e newspaper




1. Get you first piece of A3 paper and fold it in half, length ways. open it back up and fold it again across the middle. (Having this piece of paper in a different colour makes it easier when it comes to painting as it easily shows you where the stencil is.)

2. Now choose the word you want to display, I have chosen ‘love’ as it is Valentines week after all! I drew out my bubble letters in pencil first so I could rub out any mistakes.When you’re happy with it, trace over in black pen and carefully cut out the letters.

3. Now you need to get your second piece of A3 paper, I went for white so that my paint comes out brighter.


4. Before sticking your letters down, place them on and make sure you’re happy with their placement.

5. When you’ve decided, carefully stick down the letters using masking tape. **Don’t use cello tape or any other strong tape because that will rip the paper when you peel them off. You need light tape so it’s easy to remove the letters when the time comes.**


6. Now your letters are stuck down, the fun bit starts! Ensure your surfaces are covered so you don’t get paint on your tables etc! I chose pink, red, yellow, blue and white paint for this poster and two sizes of pom pons – large and tiny!

7. Use pegs to secure the pom-poms and dip them into the paint before dotting it on to the paper around the letters. I used one pom-pom and one peg per colour so I didn’t have to keep swapping.


8. Keep going until you’re happy with the coverage then let your poster completely dry before the last stage.


9. Once dry, slowly and carefully peel off your letters. You will now be aware that there are masking tape marks left – this is when I used my mini pom-poms to carefully dot more paint so that the letters become complete.

10. Let the poster dry again before you can see the final piece of art! And voila!! Now you can display it however you want! Frame it, stick it to your wall, give it to your friends – whatever you want!


Remember that this craft is Valentines based but you could use any word you wanted to link with any occasion and choose any colours you wanted to as well. You may want to cut out shapes rather than letters as another option. You could do this on a smaller scale and make it the front of home-made cards which would be fun to do or if your child loves animals, dinosaurs, characters from films, just cut out silhouettes and follow the same process – let your imagination run wild and get creative!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this craft – please send me any pictures of what you create! See you tomorrow for the final daily blog for Valentines week!

Happy Thursday!



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