February Favourites

It’s that time of the month again, it seems like the days are flying by but I still manage to have several things I want to share with you all that I’ve loved during the month of February!

Business & Purchases

At the end of January I went back to Canterbury to have my eyebrows topped up. I cannot recommend Helen Porter highly enough. If you want your eyebrows done for cosmetic or medical reasons, she is your woman! She offers so many other semi permanent make-up options too as well as other beauty treatments. She is moving from the shop location soon but follow her on Instagram @helenporteruk to see what she does and get in touch for treatments.

Whilst in Canterbury we visited a few of my old haunts – I went to University there. Mum and I like to have a little nose around a shop called Siesta and I found this gorgeous little vase in the sale section. I paid £2.99 and am so pleased with it! I love a quote but also, I wanted to have some decent fake flowers up in my room to brighten it up and this works perfectly! I got the fake flowers from HobbyCraft – you’ll see I chose sunflowers for the main feature!


On Instagram I saw a few people receiving special boxes through the post from a company called Treat Box. I had a little look on their website and fell in love with the idea straight away! Each month they will send you a ‘treat’ filled box to brighten your day and the start of your month. It’s £12.95 for the box which believe me is such great value and it fits through your letterbox so no need to stay home for delivery. I received a few postcards with quotes on, a ring dish, a heart shaped garland for Valentines day with a tube of Love Heart Sweets. Then there is the gorgeous keyring – ‘free as a bird’ and some beautifully scented hand wipes to pop in my handbag. Then they send you a calendar page for the month which I’ve popped in my planner but could easily be displayed in an office or pin board and finally a little quote card with a choker type band with a charm on that says ‘beautiful.’

The whole box is wrapped exquisitely and it really did feel like I’d spent a good few minutes indulging myself in something that made me smile. You can subscribe for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months but you can also make up your own treat boxes to send to a friend or family member or visit their shop to buy individual items. Everything is chosen specifically with the aim to make people smile and feel treated – I would personally say I feel the audience is primarily for women. I have ordered my March box and can’t wait to see what arrives next – have a look if you fancy treating yourself!



This month Lush have outshone themselves with their Valentine’s products. I have loved every bath bomb and bubble bar I’ve tried, seriously the best baths around!

Ladybird Bubble Bar, Cupid Bath Bomb and Lover Lamp Bath Bomb.


So my January sort out has continued into February. I have been gathering a lot of bits and bobs to use for blog posts and they were spilling out everywhere and cluttering my tidy spaces! My room is a loft conversion so some of my surfaces are quite hard to organise hence why bits of paper, letters etc just get thrown there and it just makes me feel unorganised and messy. WHSmiths have helped me overcome this with their storage sale – buy one get one free! I got one set which is a combination of 3 boxes of differing sizes and the free purchase was a matching set of drawers. They fit perfectly on my side ands house my materials so that I no longer feel cluttered. I think March may be a storage/organisation free month but you never know….

So there you have it, my Feb Faves all wrapped up quite neatly! Hope you’ve had a lovely month 2 out of 12 and I shall see you again next month for my March Madness!



2 thoughts on “February Favourites

  1. Some great things, I love that vase. I’m planning on getting some fake flowers, they really do brighten a room, and that vase is so pretty with a great quote. The treat box looks so cute, a bit different to a lot of subscription boxes, and I have the same wh smith drawer set and they’re great for storage. I’m tempted to get another for makeup. I might have a slight thing for storage though, lol, I always want pretty boxes and drawers even if I have nothing to put in them!

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