My spoonie survival kit!

One of the questions I am often asked is what things help me on a day-to-day basis, things that ease the symptoms of ME. Obviously this will differ from person to person but I thought some might find it interesting or helpful to see what helps me, so here is my ultimate list for my spoonie survival kit!

What I always carry in my bag

I have never been one to pack light, even in my days pre ME! In the sixth form I was awarded the medal for being ‘mummy’ as I could pretty much always provide what anyone needed, from a tissue to a paracetamol, polo to a nail file! You will very rarely see me with a small bag as it just simply wouldn’t cut the mustard (where does that saying come from?!) in order to accommodate my needs!

  1. My polarised sunglasses. These were an expensive purchase when I lived in Dubai but my goodness have they been a life saver since being diagnosed. My light sensitivity is really bad and the difference between wearing normal sunglasses and my polarised ones has been incredible.
  2. Ear plugs. As I’ve mentioned before, noise sensitivity has also remained a real issue for me. As soon as I go somewhere that is more crowded I need these bad boys to keep my head from exploding. At home we can monitor and adjust the noise level but that’s not so easy if I venture out for a meal or to walk around a shop!
  3. Polos and rescue remedy. These two have featured in my bag essentials for a while now. Since suffering with panic attacks, these two things are my go to life lines. Bach’s rescue remedy I find really calming and helpful and as for polos, I’m not overly sure apart from a previous CBT therapist explained it may be because I can focus on a different sense which distracts me from my anxiety – who knows, all I’m bothered about is that they help when my anxiety rises!
  4. My little medication purse. One of my anxieties is that I could be somewhere and not have the thing I need to make me feel better so I have a medication bag! The essentials are: travel sickness pills, Imodium, paracetamol, Paramol, anti-histamine, inhaler, antiseptic hand gel, hand cream and throat sweets.
  5. Bottle of water. One of the side effects of some of the drugs I’m on is a very dry mouth but also, water is always good incase I need to take tablets or have a hot flush!
  6. Eye drops. Since losing my eyelashes I’ve noticed that my eyes are more susceptible to getting dry, itchy and getting dust etc in them. Eye drops are just a useful things to have at hand for those irritating moments.


At home survival essentials

  1. Electric blanket. Honestly, this bad boy is slowly becoming my new best friend! I haven’t had it on during the Summer but popped it back on my bed about three weeks ago and oh my, I had forgotten the benefits it provides. The difference in my restless and painful legs is definitely aided by this hot piece of material and I have found that the sleep I do manage to get seems to be of a better quality.
  2. My pregnancy pillow! Again, it provides me and my painful limbs with the much-needed support they crave. I am so much more comfortable lying down with this wrapped around me – who needs a man eh?!
  3. My diary. I’ve kept a diary every day since I was 11 but it really has been an essential for me as it’s a way of venting every day and getting my emotions out. I still find talking tough so this is my way of getting my thoughts and feelings out of my system before I go to sleep. Again, this helps me to go to bed with all those heavy thoughts weighing me down.
  4. Bath range! I love me a bath! Any Lush bath bomb will suffice but I absolutely adore the Marks and Spencers Sleep range. A friend got me them for my birthday – all lavender based, not overpowering, just right. A shower gel, foot cream, hand cream, body lotion and pillow spray, all amazing products although I am also partial to the Lush cream called Sleepy. There’s been a lot of press around lately about how it’s a miracle cure for insomnia…it hasn’t done that for me at all but I do love the smell and it definitely is a calming scent.
  5. Dimmer lights and subtitles! Yep, I am a granny…these link to light and noise sensitivity but there are always options to make life bearable.


So there you have it, my list of goodies that I use everyday to help me – if you have any to add to it, please comment and let me know.

Hope you’re having a lovely week,



9 thoughts on “My spoonie survival kit!

  1. I love how many options you have for making yourself comfortable. I have a couple students who have similar symptoms, though not ME, and one would rather opt out of everything than finding ways of managing. It’s wonderful that you’ve found ways to embrace life.

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  2. I have Fibromyalgia and as you probably know it’s terrible, however, at my age I have been through so much that pain is just part of my daily life, it’s a part of who I am now. I am too sensitive to light and noise the two biggest issues in my life. I can’t wear earplugs during the day because Ihave been wearing them eevery single night for the past 8 years so my ears need a break since it’s becoming painful the use of them; I wish I could afford buying graduated sunglasses but I can’t so I try not to go out in the afternoon when the light is stronger and brighter. I do have to wear earphones so I can bear the traffic and people’s noise on the street everytime I go for a walk. In my PC I use a software that changes the colour of my screen to a more yellowish ton so that it won’t mess with my eyes and I do love to be in the dark to be honest. I stop writing my diary back in my 30’s it’s no use for me whatsoever and painkillers only when pain are unbearable. I do need tranquilizers for my anxiety and panic attacks due to noise. We are all different but what I’ve learned is that with age we learn to be stronger and able to deal with pain in a different level because let’s be honest here, I’ve been on medication and it made no difference at all! I tried meditation but couldn’t concentrate with so much pain, I tried QiGong and it was really nice but can’t do it anymore.. I wish I had the money to try other alternatives to ease my daily pain.

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    • I’m glad to read of how you cope with your daily struggles…I find it fascinating to read others experiences and demonstrations of strength. I like the idea of changing he screen colour on your pc, I’ll have to look into that. I hope you’re having a good day today x

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      • thank you for replying, if you want to have a try the software name is Flux! No more brightness on the PC screen :p. Unfortunately my days are never good for a very long time now, I’m in pain 24/7 but I try my best to cope with them, it’s not easy but I have no choice actually 😦

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