Blue Sunday 2020

Back in 2013, the wonderful Anna from ‘M.E. myself & I’ set up a fundraising event called Blue Sunday.  I’ve thought about the best way to explain it to you all but in the end, Anna’s words from her blog seemed the way to go:

“As M.E. Awareness month (May) was approaching in 2013, I started to feel that something was needed to commemorate it. As an M.E. sufferer I am so restricted by my ill health that the ‘conventional’ methods of fundraising, such a running a marathon, weren’t at all appropriate. The success of my virtual birthday party had me hoping I could do the same again as a fundraising event.

So the ‘Blue Sunday’ tea party was born. I invited friends and family to join me online again, only this time I was well enough to have a select few join me in Real Life, for afternoon tea. I asked for small donations of the price people would expect to pay for a pot of tea and a slice of cake in a coffee shop. I uploaded photos and videos of the little event being held at home so that even those stuck in bed on the other side of the world could join in online.

The idea has since been adopted by The ME Association as their official annual fundraiser (Go Blue for M.E.) and I was incredibly moved to receive nominations for a JustGiving award and a WEGO Health Activist award.

‘Blue Sunday’ is now celebrated internationally with other sufferers hosting their own tea parties both online and at home.”

This year, for obvious reasons, Anna can’t host the ‘real life’ tea party and so the virtual tea party has become even more important.

Many of you reading this and who have read my posts in the past may now have a deeper understanding about some of the aspects of living with M.E. Being isolated and housebound. Feeling lonely and left out of society. Not being able to work and contribute, having to cancel plans that you were looking forward to. And sadly, I think many of you will be finding this lockdown much harder than we are because we are used to finding things to occupy us at home, used to spending days, weeks, months and even years trapped within our homes, we are used to relying on people to communicate with us so we don’t feel left behind.

It’s not easy. It isn’t fair.

So, this year for M.E awareness month and to support Anna, I would love for as many of you as possible to join me, Anna and the M.E community at our virtual Blue Sunday tea party. The date is Sunday 17th May…put it in your diary NOW! 

Make it fun;  dress up in something blue, paint your nails blue, make some blue bunting and play some Blue themed music. Then, bake or buy something yummy and sit down for a mini afternoon tea. Take a photo and share it with us by either sending it to me so I can post or simply tag me into your photos so I can share them with Anna. Use the hashtag #bluesunday

And then, most importantly, donate. We aren’t asking for anything big, simply a donation of what you’d pay for a slice of cake and a cup of tea if you were to go out and treat yourself.

Anna’s just giving page link is:

This is a really strange and difficult time for all of us at the moment but it’s nice to think we can all come together for a good cause with a deeper understanding of chronic illness and how it changes and affects so many of us.

Keep safe everyone, and thank you for any support you can give,






2 thoughts on “Blue Sunday 2020

  1. jacquelinelahiff says:

    Great to hear from you! Shall look forward to the 17th – sounds like a fun way to spend the lockdown! Jacqueline xx

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