March Favourites

Spring has sprung and March is almost done! So here are my top picks from the last month.

TV and film.

How To Get Away With Murder.


I’d heard about this series way back when I was in Dubai but never started it even though I am a huge fan of Shonda Rhimes. I have watched all of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal and love them both so I was already sold when I knew this was another of her creations. However, it was also the fact that Viola Davis is the lead actress and she is just top class. I have to admit that I became a binge watcher after episode one but it saved my skin over three weeks of sleepless, painful nights and afternoons and I loved it! It was one of those box sets that kept me guessing until the end and each episode had a cliffhanger that left me needing to watch the next episode ASAP! Netflix has the first two series and the third series should be coming soon. Seriously – go watch it, Shonda I can’t work out if your’e just simply a creative genius or a seriously messed up woman who needs some counselling – either way, thank you for creating three of my favourite TV series!

This Is Us


This has been a series that I’d heard whispers about and it caught my eye because I do love Mandy Moore! It’s been on Channel 4, there’s only one series and I have to say, it’s brilliant. It tracks the lives of a family in two different time zones, following the path of the parents and their initial relationship through to having children and then the present day which allows us to see how the family exist now. It has subtle twists and turns but echoes issues that many could relate to, it’s beautifully written, it made me laugh and cry and I can’t wait for series two to come out.

I, Daniel Blake


Now, I’m not going to go into this too much because I’m still pondering it due to the some of the incredible correlations to my experiences with the DWP. I will be writing a blog post about it but I do urge you to watch it. You will grow to love the characters, feel their frustrations and laugh at the humour. It highlights so many issues that plague our society today and highlight stereotypes and challenge our perceptions. It’s film at it’s best and you really should watch it…it’s not a book but it would provide a great subject for a book club discussion so maybe switch it up a bit and discuss this film rather than a book this month.


Clinique Moisture Surge


I love this product. I was first introduced to this in an airport because it’s great to apply when flying as it does what it says on the tin and really does give your skin a moisture surge when it’s feeling dry and horrid. You can get a light version or a stronger version depending on your skin type. I have used both and honestly, I’ll never stop using it. It sinks straight into the skin but it feels wonderful, it’s just a very wet moisturiser that hydrates your skin. Love it.


Wilton Food Colouring


I’ve been using Dr Oetker gel colouring which is fab but very expensive and doesn’t always achieve the colour required with one tube. So the discovery of Wilton has been a revelation to my baking days! You literally only need to use a toothpick to achieve bold colours, I’d advise less is more until you work out how much you need to get the colour you want. The use by date is 2019 and knowing the amount I used for one rainbow cake, it’s going to stretch and last a very long time. It’s very cost-effective so if you bake lots I’d really push you to go out and buy some or order online like I did!

Bedroom nooks


I’ve spent a lot of time in my bedroom this month and it’s been important to make it feel relaxing and comforting. These two lamps are two of my most treasured items – the blue one has travelled all the way back with me from Egypt and the white one from Dubai, they are so beautiful and give off the most stunning light. Then I have my lovely little candle that a friend gave me and my newest addition of my little fake plant – who’d know eh?! Wilko’s came up trumps with it and I think it completes my little corner.  Spring cleaning season is here so make your rooms nice, you don’t need to spend a lot of money, you probably already have lots of bits and bobs that just need to be rearranged in order to change the outlook of your room. It’s amazing how these little things can change or help our moods – have a go and see what happens!

And there you have it, my March picks…see you on the other side of April…eek!



February Favourites

It’s that time of the month again, it seems like the days are flying by but I still manage to have several things I want to share with you all that I’ve loved during the month of February!

Business & Purchases

At the end of January I went back to Canterbury to have my eyebrows topped up. I cannot recommend Helen Porter highly enough. If you want your eyebrows done for cosmetic or medical reasons, she is your woman! She offers so many other semi permanent make-up options too as well as other beauty treatments. She is moving from the shop location soon but follow her on Instagram @helenporteruk to see what she does and get in touch for treatments.

Whilst in Canterbury we visited a few of my old haunts – I went to University there. Mum and I like to have a little nose around a shop called Siesta and I found this gorgeous little vase in the sale section. I paid £2.99 and am so pleased with it! I love a quote but also, I wanted to have some decent fake flowers up in my room to brighten it up and this works perfectly! I got the fake flowers from HobbyCraft – you’ll see I chose sunflowers for the main feature!


On Instagram I saw a few people receiving special boxes through the post from a company called Treat Box. I had a little look on their website and fell in love with the idea straight away! Each month they will send you a ‘treat’ filled box to brighten your day and the start of your month. It’s £12.95 for the box which believe me is such great value and it fits through your letterbox so no need to stay home for delivery. I received a few postcards with quotes on, a ring dish, a heart shaped garland for Valentines day with a tube of Love Heart Sweets. Then there is the gorgeous keyring – ‘free as a bird’ and some beautifully scented hand wipes to pop in my handbag. Then they send you a calendar page for the month which I’ve popped in my planner but could easily be displayed in an office or pin board and finally a little quote card with a choker type band with a charm on that says ‘beautiful.’

The whole box is wrapped exquisitely and it really did feel like I’d spent a good few minutes indulging myself in something that made me smile. You can subscribe for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months but you can also make up your own treat boxes to send to a friend or family member or visit their shop to buy individual items. Everything is chosen specifically with the aim to make people smile and feel treated – I would personally say I feel the audience is primarily for women. I have ordered my March box and can’t wait to see what arrives next – have a look if you fancy treating yourself!



This month Lush have outshone themselves with their Valentine’s products. I have loved every bath bomb and bubble bar I’ve tried, seriously the best baths around!

Ladybird Bubble Bar, Cupid Bath Bomb and Lover Lamp Bath Bomb.


So my January sort out has continued into February. I have been gathering a lot of bits and bobs to use for blog posts and they were spilling out everywhere and cluttering my tidy spaces! My room is a loft conversion so some of my surfaces are quite hard to organise hence why bits of paper, letters etc just get thrown there and it just makes me feel unorganised and messy. WHSmiths have helped me overcome this with their storage sale – buy one get one free! I got one set which is a combination of 3 boxes of differing sizes and the free purchase was a matching set of drawers. They fit perfectly on my side ands house my materials so that I no longer feel cluttered. I think March may be a storage/organisation free month but you never know….

So there you have it, my Feb Faves all wrapped up quite neatly! Hope you’ve had a lovely month 2 out of 12 and I shall see you again next month for my March Madness!



My Valentine’s Love Playlist

Today is a super short one I’m afraid, it’s the day after Valentine’s but love is still in the air so I thought, why not share my ultimate love classics with you all?

I have a very good relationship with music, my life has a soundtrack. Hearing a song can transport me back to a time and place where I can still remember what I was wearing, who I was with and how I felt. A single song can spark roaring emotions in me from anger to hate, from love to devastation. Love songs aren’t just about being in love, to me it’s about finding love, going through the various stages of love, remembering love, being hopeful for love and simply loving life itself!

My list of 50 songs is quite random – some predictable, some you’ll wonder why and others you may not have heard of! It is a love list that covers all emotions you may feel in a relationship haha so have a look and then let me know what love songs are on your lists!


  1. Never Too Much – Luther Vandross
  2. Dream – The Everley Brothers
  3. Ordinary People – John Legend
  4. You’ve Got a Friend – Carole King and James Taylor
  5. Let’s Get It On – Marvin Gaye
  6. Just The Way You Are – Barry White
  7. Always – Bon Jovi
  8. More Than Words – Extreme
  9. Let’s Stay Together – Al Green
  10. Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton
  11. The Way You Look Tonight – Tony Bennett
  12. Everything – Michael Buble
  13. You’re All I Need To Get By – Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell
  14. Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing – Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell
  15. My Girl – The Temptations
  16. Ain’t No Mountain – Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell
  17. I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor
  18. At Last – Etta James
  19. (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher – Jackie Wilson
  20. I Just Wanna Make Love To You – Etta James
  21. When A Man Loves A Woman – Percy Sledge
  22. My Baby Just Cares For Me – Nina Simone
  23. But I Do Love You – LeAnn Rhymes
  24. Someone Like You – Adele
  25. Unbreakable – Westlife
  26. Mirrors – Justin Timberlake
  27. All My Life – K-Ci and JoJo
  28. Amazed – Lonestar
  29. I Wanna Be The Only One – Eternal feat. Bebe Winans
  30. Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran
  31. For Your Babies – Simply Red
  32. Have I Told You Lately? – Van Morrison
  33. Your Song – Elton John
  34. Run To You – Whitney Houston
  35. Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) – Kelly Clarkson
  36. Feels Like Home – Chantel Kreviazuk or alternative version by Edwina Hayes is also beautiful
  37. You Oughta Know – Alanis Morisette
  38. Natural Woman – Aretha Franklin
  39. Nothin’ On You – B.o.B
  40. Pony – Genuine
  41. Girlfriend – N*Sync
  42. Trick Me – Kelis
  43. God Only Knows – The Beach Boys
  44. Gold – Beverley Knight
  45. Love On Top – Beyonce
  46. Bump ’n’ Grind – R Kelly
  47. Count On Me – Bruno Mars
  48. No Living Without Loving You – Celine Dion
  49. Heaven (Candlelight Mix) – DJ Sammy
  50. Man Who Can’t Be Moved – The Script
  51. Piece Of My Heart – Erma Franklin


Wonder if you can guess the one that’s in there just for the giggles girls?!

Have a lovely day and see you tomorrow!


January Favourites

How on earth have we reached the end of January already? But that does mean it is time to share with you my January favourites!

Food & Drink

This month I have got quite an eclectic range of things I’ve been enjoying! I have rediscovered my love for Werther’s Originals! I used to have them as a treat when I visited Grandma and Grandad but when I spotted them the other week I thought I’d treat myself. They really are such a lovely change from my usual Polos!

Then I’ve been loving pears this month – they are obviously in season and have been so juicy and lovely, not one duff one yet!

Then beverage wise, I don’t drink hot drinks and usually just have loads of water. I’ve cut out Ribena as it’s so high in sugar, but I do love sparkling water and discovering that adding Elderflower cordial to it has been a revelation! It’s just nice for a refreshing change.



I feel like I covered most of my favourites in my ‘Chill Out Tuesday’ blog but something I didn’t mention was a deep cleansing ‘Black Mask.’ It’s a peel off mask which you leave on for 20-30 minutes and it increases vitality and removes impurities. I have to say it is quite painful to remove so you have to take it off quickly like you would a plaster! I have noticed that my skin has been smoother and clearer since using it so would recommend a try.




I have got two apps to tell you about this month. First off is an app called ‘One Second a Day.’ The idea is that every day you should be able to find something good and capture it with a video clip which you can edit down to one second. You can use photos but personally I don’t think it works as well as the video clips. Then, by the end of the year you have just over six minutes of video that documents your year. I love this kind of thing and although there are days where you forget, you can always record a second at the end of the day saying something you’ve done! It won’t be for everyone but I am really enjoying it.

The second app is called ‘Headspace.’ It’s an app that encourages taking time each day to meditate and take time to breathe and focus on yourself. You get a ten day free trial and then of course you pay if you want to continue however, I have found that the free guided sessions are good enough for me right now. It’s important to take time out for yourself and this reminds you to do it daily – what is ten minutes out of a day?




Having moved back in with mum and dad into the loft conversion, I have found that my space had become more and more cluttered. It’s not surprising due to combining my life pre and post Dubai has all been crammed into one room (and the garage and living room – thanks ma and pa!) On good days I have spent time having a clear out but my wardrobes have been driving me insane. I am quite OCD and whenever I opened them up I could feel myself cringing! I wish I’d taken before photos but below are my newly organised, beautiful wardrobes! IKEA has done me proud with hanging wardrobe organisers and shoe boxes. I found that they fit much more than I expected and the shoe boxes were able to hold 3 pairs of sandals/flip flops or two pairs of trainers/heels.  You can also see I found the perfect place to store my big hats – on my wig heads!!

Then I have been obsessed with my two planners! One was bought for me by a friend – my blogging journal which I use to jot down blog ideas. It has space to write down blogging goals, your action plans and then space to plan your posts with little to do lists. It has really helped me feel more organised when it comes to my blog and I’d highly recommend it for anyone who’s considering starting up. It’s from Paperchase and is still available from what I can see.

Then there is my Erin Condren Life Planner! This is something that I enjoy because it allows me to express my creative side as well as plan out my life! It’s a day to day planner with a weekly spread and you can include stickers to add in to do lists, reminders or just to make it pretty! I chose to personalise mine, there are so many options to chose from in order to personalise your planner – it’s brilliant for any stationary lover. Again, it’s really helping me with my blogging schedule and with all my doctors/hospital appointments. I ordered it way back last year when I had money but I will be saving to get one next year too – they are only available from America now but you can buy cheaper planner stickers on Etsy and in shops like Hobbycraft so that does lower the cost.


So there you have it, my January faves – what have yours been?

Happy weekend everyone!