History of #HairlessHannah’s hairstyles

Hair, or lack of it is one of the reasons I started blogging in the first place. Since losing my hair, it’s made me obsessed with looking at people’s hairstyles and I find myself longing to be able to brush my own hair, wash it, dry it, straighten in, curl it…all the things that when I had it, I found a drag! Hair was always the feature that I loved most about myself so I find it so hard that I no longer have that, there really isn’t much I like let alone love about myself now.

Over the years I have had so many different styles so I thought I’d take some time to look back at the good, bad and ugly decisions I’ve made and share them with you!


So here I am, age two, blissfully unaware of the child abuse my parents have inflicted upon me!! As Jack said the other day, it is like they picked up the bowl from the table, plonked it on my head, cut round it, placed it back on the table and poured my cornflakes in! I have to say though, when watching back video footage of me dancing to Kylie, this hairstyle does have the most amazing swish about it that no other hairstyle could produce – every cloud!

As you can see here, over the following year, I just grew the hair out into a mohawk/the most incredible bowl hair cut you ever did see – simply horrendous!

Polaroid Picture Frame: https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/photo-paper

Ah, age 4 and the hair is slightly better, grown out in a softer style with a much improved fringe. However….let’s talk about the outfit choice. Wow. I mean, I am obviously suitably happy with my clothes, the pose oozes confidence and just look at the stance and the hand! Yes, I do believe I styled that out beautifully even if it does look like Maria from The Sound of Music has pulled down more curtains to create this atrosity!

Polaroid Picture Frame: https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/photo-paper

Two years later and I have to say, the hair is looking good! I loved having long hair, mum enjoyed crimping it and I remember loving laying at the end of mum and dads bed with my hair hanging over the edge and Dad brushing it with my much-loved orange brush, pretending to be Vidal Sassoon! I often just wore it down but I did like having pony tails and occasionally rocked some bunches. It was the 90’s!

Not being one to keep a style for long, by my seventh birthday I went for the chop! From long locks to my first ever, grown up, silky bob! From then on, the trusty bob often became my go to hair cut, it’s always suited my face shape – so I’m told – and I always found it quick to wash, dry and style. I loved this cut and was thrilled at my choice!

Polaroid Picture Frame: https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/photo-paper

Oh good lord. What. Was. I. Thinking?? Why did my parents let me do this? Why did my hairdresser let me do this? Oh the shame! From my gorgeous bob to this. At this stage of my life, let’s just say I wasn’t yet ‘developed’ and I will never forget the day the balloon man at Stone Park Farm said to me, “Yes young man, what would you like?” I died on the spot and from that moment on I regretted this hair style.

Polaroid Picture Frame: https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/photo-paper

Then I stumbled across this little beauty! Mum used to take Jack and I to have professional photos each year when we were younger – what you can’t quite see if the very fetching waistcoat I was wearing over a white shirt, I was so classy! The hairstyle is gradually starting to grow out and yes, it is in great condition but I look at this photo and see a nine-year old styled as a forty-year old woman!!

Polaroid Picture Frame: https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/photo-paper

Luckily, and ironically, my hair always grew super fast so by the time I was almost ten, the hair had grown out and the trusty bob was back – hallelujah! (seriously, I was such a poser though wasn’t I!)

Polaroid Picture Frame: https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/photo-paper

I can’t believe I am actually putting this photo out there for all to see! There is literally nothing positive about this photo! The hair has grown again but is just hanging there with the most hideous, neon, looped headband ever to grace this Earth. Then we move down to the braces – I was so uncomfortable with those on and remember really not wanting to go to have these photos done but I’m glad in many ways because otherwise there would be no documentation of this stage of my life. I won’t even comment on the top apart from saying , 5, a fan before they even became a band!

Polaroid Picture Frame: https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/photo-paper

I was such an awkward teen! I felt awkward in my body and awkward in my style but this night I was going to a party and clearly figured that shoving a fake white flower (all the rage in 2002) in my hair was going to make everything better. It didn’t.

Now, finally, these are photos I can look at and think, yes, I got it right here! I had lost a shed load of weight, had my highlights done and went from a long bob to a graduated bob which has to be my all time favourite. I had also discovered straighteners here which changed my life!

2008 saw two very different styles (as you can tell, I really am one to experiment with my hair which is why I miss it so much!) I went from very light blonde to a gorgeous chocolate colour. However, that didn’t last long, I had got quite fond of my blonde hair and I missed the graduated bob too so, I changed it back again! I was lucky here because I had vouchers for a make over day so I had the colour and cut included in the day and they did a really good job. That is something I really miss and something I took for granted at the time – actually having my hair done and having control over it and being able to make choices. I loved being able to reinvent my image and I loved having my head massaged and being pampered.

Polaroid Picture Frame: https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/photo-paper

A year later I let the bob grow out but had a wispy fringe cut in – thicker, fuller fringes were okay for me when I was younger but they aren’t for me now. This style of fringe didn’t bother me too much and on days that I didn’t want it, I was able to simply clip it back – perfect.

Polaroid Picture Frame: https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/photo-paper

Here we go again – you can see the pattern here can’t you?! Blonde to brown, short to long, fringe to no fringe – I really did like changing things up on a regular basis! I do enjoy having darker hair, I’ve never been brave enough to go black. It is much cheaper to maintain as you don’t get the whole root problem but I have to say, having lighter hair is my favourite. At one point I did go short and red at uni, sadly there isn’t any photographic evidence of this, or that I could find at least and I have to say, I’m quite glad about that!

It seems like the art of crimping came back into my life in 2011. Only for fancy dress purposes of course but actually, I quite liked it! My hair here was long enough to put up in a pony-tail which I quite enjoyed but also, I purchased the doughnut rings and experimented with using them. I may like to change my hairstyles and colours frequently but don’t let this fool you, I was never very good at the actual styling. I mostly went for a side clip, the occasional poofy back clipped fringe thingy-ma-bob and when I was feeling especially creative, would pop in a bow, I know, get me! So using the doughnut was a challenge. I did achieve the required look a few times but the time it took to get there wasn’t worth the end result! At one point I  did spend some time learning how to curl my hair using straighteners which I grew quite fond of. It was nice to have a bit of volume and I enjoyed mixing it up.

Then we come almost up to date. When I moved to Dubai it became clear quite quickly that hair was going to be an issue! The weather meant that keeping any style for a prolonged period of time without using a ridiculous amount of products was quite unobtainable due to the heat! But also, finding a decent hairdresser was like finding a needle in a haystack. Amongst our group of friends we had several disasters and tears shed over the most hideous cuts known to man. Frustratingly, once I did find a good one who did my highlights and styled it beautifully, one month later it all fell out! Blinking typical! I loved living just down the corridor from my friends though, especially friends who knew how to do pretty things with your hair! I became quite accustomed to a french plait!

Polaroid Picture Frame: https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/photo-paper

This is the last photo I took before my hair started to fall out again. As you can see, I really didn’t do much with my hair in Dubai and the trusty hit clips could be found most days keeping my hair out of my hot face! Also – please note that we are very happy in this picture because we are at the most amazing cinema with blankets and reclining seats! One of the things I miss most about Dubai!

Polaroid Picture Frame: https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/photo-paper

So there you have it, the history of my hair! I have only included this one photo of the last year or so – I am currently styling out my Lidocaine patches like a badger – much easier than doughnut rings and curling tongs! But if you’re new to the blog, check out my post called, ‘Hair today, gone tomorrow’ under the category titled ‘Alopecia’ to fill in the blanks.

At the moment I do still have the hope that one day my hair will grow again, whether that be next week, month, year or decade. One day I will learn to properly style my hair and not worry about spending money to treat it like it deserves. Look after your hair guys and gals, because like many things, you don’t realise how much it plays a part in your life until it’s gone.

Have a fab weekend,





56 thoughts on “History of #HairlessHannah’s hairstyles

  1. Cathy Clegg says:

    Ooooh I loved that trip down memory lane Hannah ! I remember most of your hairstyles from about 7yrs up ! Rebecca had a few pudding bowl styles too , it was all the rage darling honest !!! In fact Richard even had a similar look at one point 😱😆
    Sweetheart you are the most beautiful person inside and out and whether you have long hair ,short hair or no hair it will never change the beautiful person I can see but I know what you constantly wish for and we all wish it for you too darling . Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Amber says:

    These were fun photos to look at. You had a lot of different styles! My hair has basically always looked the same: long and thick. Except when I was an infant, obviously.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s amazing how interesting our life journeys can be, isn’t it? So many things change in such a short period of time – sometimes it’s weight, or height or style, sometimes it’s hair. Sometimes it’s a wanted change, sometimes not so much. In the meantime, you seem to have embraced things as they are with your hair, which is a powerful statement to your sense of self and self-acceptance. I admire that, and find you quite beautiful – both with and without hair. I love the boldness in your profile photo.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. profnoonan says:

    Hi Hannah

    Telly Savalas….”who loves you baby”…..or was he before your time?… made a fortune from being hairless!!!!.

    My best man (no not your uncle Chris…..but that’s another story!!!!) lost his hair in his teens and became known as “asha”…..considered short for alopecia (?) in the Waunarlwydd dictionary????.

    He became a hairy bastard once more in his twenties ….and remains so well into his 60’s.

    You just got to keep on trucking

    How important is hair for someone as good looking and personable as you…..and who is the Canadian Bop It (?) queen.!!!


    Taffy Tel



    Liked by 1 person

  5. Sarah | A Life Unstyled says:

    Ahahaha! I had that haircut, the one at 2 years old. It was also featuring the wonky fringe/bangs since I refused to sit still.
    There’s a photo still up at my parents house showing the world my bad hair day. I’m beginning to think my parents secretly hate me!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. You were so cute at 2 years old. On a serious note…. You look great without hair. Some people cannot pull it off but you can. It’s amazing how things just happen as you get older. We really have no control over it. Everyone has something they are dealing with…God knows I have plenty.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Kimberly. I think that’s why this blogging community is so good because we are all deal here with things but support each other in a positive way. Thanks for reading and have a really lovely weekend xxx


  7. What a sweet trip down memory lane! In thinking of my hair styles over the years, especially the awkward middle/high school years, I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to put them all out there! I love that you did! And, I agree with the others, I think you look beautiful with and without hair!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Kevin Ball says:

    Bit of a young Adele look going on in the 2009 age 23 pic Han! You are amazing and I really do hope soon someone will find a cure you. Keep smiling and writing 😀Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I remember doing the half a can of Aquaspray in the 80’s (and 90’s) LOL I my early adult years I never styled my hair outside of wearing it in a bun (work related reasons let’s just say). While not for the same reasons I ended up losing half my hair after my last child and it continued for years after due to perimenopause. I have become very self conscious about my hair. Thank you for your words of wisdom sweetheart and glad to see and read you are staying strong throughout it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much Michelle…think we all have the stages of life we feel embarrassed about eh?! As long as I’m spreading a little awareness I’m happy. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend x


  10. Lol, you haven’t changed a bit from that cute mullet having cereal eating kid! I think it’s a really cool chronicle of all your styles! And don’t worry… I’m sure mankind will one day be forgiven for the 90’s LOL 🙂


  11. Reading through your post and looking at all of your pictures, you and I could have easily face-swapped through childhood as our hairstyles were absolutely identical at every single age (especially 2-13!!)

    I am so glad I stumbled across your blog, you are such a wonderful storyteller – of which I am totally jealous! – and I can’t wait to read more!

    PS – I couldn’t figure out how to follow you via e-mail so I just bookmarked ya instead. 🙂


  12. Another example of things we take for granted until they are gone..:( I am so sorry that you have to go through this and I really hope that the treatments work for you so you can finally do all the crazy styles you want with your hair just because you CAN. I wish you all the best and never forget that hair or no hair doesn’t define you as a person or woman.

    And with respect to the child abuse inflicted on you, haha I had that too, when I was around 8.. omg, what were the parents thinking!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for such kind words. I do have hope that one day I can create crazy styles again and if not with my own hair I’ll just move into wig styling!!
      It seems many of us had these hair issues inflicted haha, all in the club together!!


  13. It is like a memory lane of hair styles. If you looked at my memory lane of hair it would mostly be the same style just curled or straight or frizzy. Mine would mostly be a memory lane of hair colors. I enjoy trying out new colors. I am sorry about your hair. You look great with and without it.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Shannon says:

    Wow I’ve spent quite some time on your blog today (to fill in the blanks as you’ve mentioned) and I am in love with your energy and appreciation for life in general. Things we take for granted are here today and gone tomorrow. Really want to visit Dubai some day too and you’ve confirmed that it’s a must.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much for spending some time on my blog Shannon, hope you’ve followed for more upcoming blogs! Later this month I’m going to be writing a must do guide for Dubai so that may help when planning your trip! Hope you’re having a brilliant day x


  15. You look beautiful with and without hair. Thank you for your story. I am a hairdresser and have spent a lot of time with people with different hair problems. It is quite sad to see those in pain over the way their hair is/isn’t. Keep on being an inspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Your smile is the same over the years, you are beautiful with or without hair, the beauty of the person is inside anyway and I believe on that at a hundred percent, so keep your smile and I would say your mood and your courage is contagious, I am happy to read your blog and I will read it often .thank you

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Hannah – I love your hairstyles and your head! When I was sick, my daughter used to get scared of my bald head. I used to wear different wigs that we named lol. Sometimes I was Jennifer or Denise depending on the wig! It was hard though cause at times, the wig feels so heavy on my head. Now that my hair has grown back – it’s little ole me again. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah I’m so glad I’m not alone although mine ended up being names Brian and Adams haha…oh the things we do to make it fun!! Im so glad you’re better now and your hair is back xx sending love xx


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